AlumiFlash #22045 Standard Base with C-481 Black Cap

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Features & Benefits:

  • Furnish and install the Portals Plus Standard Alumi-Flash at all points where up to four pipes .375" - 1" in diameter penetrate the roof.
  • The Standard Alumi-Flash shall include a .060 spun aluminum base unit with a height of 4" and a base diameter of 14".
  • The 8"collared opening shall have two beaded sealing rings roll formed into the top edge.
  • An EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) compression molded cap model C-481 shall be utilized.
  • All Caps shall include Portals Plus' stainless steel Snaplock Clamps.
  • Attachment and installation of the Standard Alumi-Flash shall be done in accordance with Portals Plus' instructions and the roofing membrane manufacturer's recommendations.


  • can flash one(1) to four(4) penetrations in one watertight unit
  • compatible with all roof types

*Sold by the carton only, quantity of 5. Priced per each below.

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Price: $64.92