AlumiFlash #22075 Standard Base with C-212 White Cap

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Features & Benefits:

  • makes pitch pans obsolete
  • consists of a flexible EPDM cap w/stainless steel snaplock clamp(s) and a one piece, spun aluminum base
  • flexible EPDM cap eliminates roof leaks since it allows penetrations to expand, contract, and vibrate independently of the roofing system
  • five different cap styles and adaptor rings can accommodate a variety of round pipes, tubes, and conduits from 3/8" round through 12" round as well as angle irons & square tubes
  • EPDM cap is mechanically sealed to the AlumiFlash base by a double "weather-tite pressure seal", which consists of two beads formed into the collar of the base that mate with double grooves molded into the inside of the cap
  • provides a permanent, watertight, and maintenance-free means for penetrating roofs that is simple and easy to install


  • can flash one(1) to four(4) penetrations in one watertight unit
  • compatible with all roof types

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Price: $86.05