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Features & Benefits

  • A properly installed PowerGrip PLUS provides a secure anchor to the roof deck and remains watertight.
  • Simple installation process saves time and labor.
  • 100% compatible with all types of commercial roofing systems.
  • Helps protect roof covers from damage due to ballasted rack movement.
  • 1-5⁄8-in. diameter x .-in. tall mount, provides optimal perch securing brackets or struts.
  • PowerGrip is also ideal for a wide variety of other roof-top applications.

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    Roof Mount System for Solar Racking Attachment and Other Rooftop Applications

    OMG PowerGrip PLUS is a commercial roof mount system designed to secure ballasted and rail-based solar racks and other equipment to buildings covered with any type of commercial roofing system. PowerGrip PLUS provides a secure connection directly to the roof deck or structural members. Once properly installed, PowerGrip PLUS virtually eliminates rack movement and remains watertight.

    For a similar product of structural support, see OMG PowerGrips.

    Test Method Results
    Tensile Strength TAS 117-95 (A) 2000 lbf. (minimum)
    Shear Strength ASTM E488-96 1075 lbf. (minimum)

    PowerGrip Plus can also be used for many other roof mounted applications, including: pipe supports and hangers, step crossovers, electrical conduit, raceways, satellite dishes, small antennas and HVAC applications, among others. Only technicians trained in commercial roof installation should install this product. Always check with the roof system manufacturer for installation criteria and written acceptance of the intended application prior to installation. Failure to do so could void the roof warranty. For structural applications, always consult a structural engineer for installation criteria prior to application.

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