PowerGrip Universal for PVC Only

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Features & Benefits

  • Properly installed PowerGrip Universal units provide a secure anchor to the roof deck and remain watertight.
  • PowerGrip Universal is compatible with every type of commercial roofing, and can be used on mechanically attached, fully adhered and ballasted roof systems.
  • Helps protect roof covers from damage due to ballasted rack movement.
  • 1-in. tall x 3/8-in. diameter stainless steel bolt and mounting stand provides flexible attachment options.
  • Each PowerGrip Universal can accommodate up to 2,000 lbs. of downward load.
  • PowerGrip Universal can also be used for a wide variety of other roof-top applications.
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    Eliminate Solar Rack Ballast and Reduce Rooftop Material Handling

    PowerGrip™ Universal (PGU) is a commercial roof mount system designed to secure solar racks and other equipment to any type of commercial roofing system. PGU provides a secure connection directly to the roof deck or structural members and is designed to reduce or eliminate ballast in solar racking systems, so there’s less weight on the roof and less material handling.

    Made of heavy-duty cast aluminum, PGU units include a base ring which is secured through the roofing cover and into the structural roof deck, and a waterproof top plate.

    Performance Test Data Mean Load
    Static Tensile Load TAS 117 (A) 3,300 lbf. (13.34 kN)
    Static Shear Load ASTM E-488 2,500 lbf. (11.12 kN)
    Compressive Load ASTM D-1621-10 2,000 lbf. (8.9 kN)

    PowerGrip Universal products are designed as an alternative roof mount system for commercial solar racking systems. As such, they may eliminate some or all of the ballast that would otherwise be used. Always check with the roof system manufacturer for installation criteria and written acceptance of the intended application prior to installation. Failure to do so could void the roof warranty. For structural applications, always consult a structural engineer to installation criteria prior to application.

    In addition to solar racking systems, PGU products can also be used for many other roof-mounted applications, including pipe supports and hangers, step crossovers, electrical conduit, raceways, satellite dishes, small antennas and HVAC applications, among others.

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